About Our Firm : Evans, Beebe & Fields Financial Group

About Our Firm

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist you with realizing your objectives from both a business and a personal perspective. Then, we facilitate the planning process by getting you to take action. Finally, we take responsibility for making sure that the total job gets completed.

We use a very thorough process that begins with us establishing a relationship with you that will last for your lifetime. Along the way, we provide high quality service as we design customized financial plans, estate planning strategies, and retirement plans that are customized to your specific goals and situation.

Who We Are

Evans, Beebe & Fields Financial Group is a mutually beneficial collaboration of two already successful companies in the Maumee, Ohio area. The professionals of Beebe Financial Services and Insight Wealth Strategies have joined together to create EBF Financial Group. Same great advisors and staff, here to serve you.



  • Diversifying with Market Caps

    The S&P 500 Index ended 2022 down 19.4%. Midsize and smaller companies also lost ground but generally held their value better than large companies. This article explains why holding stocks in companies of different sizes can help diversify a portfolio.

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